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Peaks and valleys... #StrongerThanMyAdversity

  I am Rosanna Lim, and I am #StrongerThanMyAdversity. For those of you who know me personally, you probably already know my journey and all of the ordeals and struggles that I've had to overcome. But for those who don't – in my life, there have been a lot of peaks and valleys, and it's been a giant roller coaster ride. It all started for me at a very young age, when our family business at Limketkai Center closed down. It was then that I saw my parents struggle financially, emotionally, and psychologically, which eventually led to their separation. For someone who grew up well-provided for – home, food, education, and all that, it was such a pivotal moment in my life. I had no idea what was going to happen next. Our family didn’t have a fallback plan at the time. So I witnessed my parents do all that they can to provide for us. They tried to get back up by selling majority of what we had just to get by, but we continued to struggle. At the time, I remember being told I migh

Cagayan de Oro Road in South Korea

  Here is a closer look at the Cagayan de Oro Road in Gwangyang, South Korea.  Mayor Jeong Hyunbok named a street after Cagayan de Oro to strengthen cooperation and exchange and to honor the sisterhood of both cities. Image clip from  Miskimpoyu , a Filipina based in Korea posted a video on Youtube regarding the said street. Video below: "Cagayan de Oro Road is a 4-lane 1.36-kilometer-long riverside street in a commercial district some 10 kilometers northwest of Gwangyang Port." - CDODev

Travel Requirements for Cagayan de Oro City - Region 10

These travel requirements are applicable under Cagayan de Oro City’s current MECQ status. INBOUND TRAVEL UNDER MECQ (Coming FROM OUTSIDE REGION 10 Areas) For essential/indispensable travels, APOR ( A uthorized P ersons O utside their R esidences) and ROF/OFW, the same basic travel requirements/to-dos apply. REQUIRED (INBOUND): 1. S-Pass Registration ( ) 2. OpCoorS Registration (Barangay Coordination) ( ) 3. Higala QR Code ( ) NOT REQUIRED: - Swab Test Result (Negative) - Medical Clearance Certificate - Acceptance Letter FOR PASSERS: Coordinate with your final point (LGU) destination for their specific requirements (basic is the S-Pass with specific point of destination/LGU - not Cagayan de Oro) ----------------------------------------- ::: TRAVELERS FROM MISAMIS ORIENTAL, REGION 10 ::: Make sure that the purpose for entering Cagayan de Oro is ESSENTIAL . There are established