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My Favorite Affordable Eats with GrabFood Everyday Value Meals

Gutom pero on a tight budget? 

I totally understand this, I’ve personally experienced the times when the pay is delayed, petsa de peligro because of bills piling up, or suffering because of online shopping 😆😅  Also the times when you can’t cook or prepare for baon because you’ve run out of time in the morning with kids, work, and other responsibilities altogether. Yes, I feel you.  

Don’t fret, I’ve got a list of good news for you. 

First off, GrabFood is the answer. WAIT, I know… before you say it’s mahal and delivery costs and all that. Finish this article muna and you decide, okay?

Did you know that GrabFood has already thought of this and sorted this out for us? Yes, they are giving us some love and understanding through this and have made this easy for us by sorting all the value meals in one category – specifically the ‘Starts at 99’ section. 

Aside from that, there are additional promos, piso deals, extra savings, and discounts that are available everyday through the app! Yes, yummy in the tummy and the money! 

AND to make your life even more easier, I’ve made this list for you – the top fooderies and their meals that I personally recommend. Check them out below: 

Jhom's Food Corner - Lane 101

Beef or Chicken Pater with Free Palapa – P 45.00

We ordered both kinds. Love their turmeric rice! It’s only 20 pesos per serve - if you want to order extra.

Dinah's Fudhaus

CDO Express + Rice – P 85 + P15

This is one of their bestseller - the CDO Express (Bicol Express – CDO version). We are suki’s here! We always end up full and happy with our orders! Most of their veggie meals are only priced at P 50. Munggo and Tortang Talong are our favorites, so good and affordable that they run out fast. 

And I have to mention – this is their Balbacua, one of my personal favorites here. Sakto lang ang spicyness and tenderness.

Butcher's Best Barbecue

Original / Hot & Spicy / Bowie’s Pork BBQ + Rice – P 34 + P25

From the one and only – one of CDO’s prominent barbeque places, Butcher’s Best Barbecue. They also have Boneless Chicken BBQ and it’s only P 31! They have 2 kinds of sisig recipes that you have to try too!

Lugawan Bulalohan Sa La Creolle

Lugaw with Egg – P 70.00

From CDO’s legendary Lugawan Bulalohan Sa La Creolle. This single order is good for 2-3! They are open until 12MN and their pot is always hot!

Batchoy with egg P 90, also a big serve. Packaged and sealed properly in a 500ml microwaveable container. No leaks when it arrived.

And for affordable snacks in GrabFood, here are my recommendations:


Vegan Mini Loafs (Choco, Ube, Cinnamon) – P 50

They also have freshly cooked hopia, piaya, and bread every day! They open as early as 7:30AM, Sunday to Friday. 


Tuna Roll with Dip (3 Rolls) – P 85

Another favorite here is their Cheesy Mushroom Beef Burger – oh my, this you have to try along with their rolls – P 135. Heavy snack.

The Sushi Box Carmen

Micro Box – P 123

We like this snack so much that our minimum order is 12pcs or we get the party box instead! They are made fresh daily and 100% local. 

Tako Tako Queen Takoyaki - Centrio Ayala

Original Octobits -– P 90

This one is our go-to snack too, they use baby octopus! No veggies and their batter have a nice taste of ginger and Japanese ingredients making it unique and flavorful. We usually get the 8pc box per person. 

So, these are just a few of my personal choices. There are still so many food options in the app. Mahal ba? Diba affordable lang? It saves you time and energy too, a few phone taps and food is ready for you in just minutes.

So when cravings hit and you’re on a tight budget, don’t forget to check out these fooderies and value meals in your GrabFood app! 

Discover for yourself better ways to eat with Grabfood – open the Grab app, select the Food icon, and choose ‘Starts at 99’ for the everyday value deals!

Let me know if you love my recommendations, okay? Comment down below.

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