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1001 Nights Boutique Inn - A long story and review in between

1001 Nights Boutique Inn - Floor Lobby

Before I start, I just want to say that this post is written from my personal perspective. From the standpoint of someone who hasn't traveled outside the Philippines, was born and raised here in Cagayan de Oro City, a busy solo parent of 2 wonderful boys who I sometimes take out with me on city explorations, staycations, and food trips, and someone who loves to support homegrown and local products and services. I work online for a living - I assist clients with their IT needs (mostly foreign clients including a travel blogger / digital nomad.) 

So, here goes. 

I heard about 1001 Nights Boutique Inn last from a good friend, Seki Willkom, who shared it on her Facebook timeline. She runs StitchedbySK - they make quality and super pretty handmade leatherwork and fabrics that you should really check out. Anyway, when she shared about it - the vibe captured my attention. The colors, how the natural light comes in, and the pretty interiors, and how it doesn't look like the hotel structures and interiors we normally see. I immediately thought to myself that when it opens, I'd take my family there for a staycation, I even told my boyfriend about it. 

Fast-forward a year later, they finally opened and I got invited to their grand opening but I was at work and I couldn't make it. I just kept checking my friends' posts for more photos of the inside and got excited even more to spend some time there with the fam. I inquired and checked on rates and amenities, browsed through their website, and to my dismay found out they don't allow children below 12 years old. 😭 My youngest son is 8. 😕 

Months went by and my plans of taking my family out for some bonding time were still afloat. Even if I wanted it there so bad, I couldn't because that's one of their rules. So my plans changed and now I'm eyeing on a new place that I'll write about in the future. 

Last Friday, the boyfriend surprised me with a staycation there as an advance anniversary celebration gift. I felt really excited to finally be able to go there!

Because it was a surprise, I didn't get to personally experience the booking, the check-in process, or how the room looked upon entry because I got there late. But I was told by the boyfriend that his advance booking was a breeze. They required a government I.D. to be shown, he paid for the room in full, and ₱1,000 pesos incidental deposit. 

1001 Night Boutique Inn - Reception

When he arrived at 1001 Nights Boutique Inn and presented his receipt, he was given a paper with the WIFI access for 2 and an electronic keycard which also serves as the room's energy-saving/power switch. In the room, 2 sets of bath and hand towels were neatly folded on the bed with good morning kits (shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste), and 2 bottles of mineral water with coasters on the table along with the remote controls. 

I arrived there late - had work to finish, made sure the kids were all set with the grandma, dealt with bank transactions beforehand, and other responsibilities. 

As soon as I arrived and entered, it felt like being transported to another world, another place. It felt not CDO or Philippines-like. The incense burning made me feel relaxed and truly welcomed. They got very pretty carpets, decorations, and interiors which I know have stories that come with them too. My mind got really excited to explore but I was also excited to put down my heavy bag so I wanted to head to the room immediately. 

We rode the elevator to our floor and when it opened, another breathtaking sight appeared and welcomed me. So beautiful in my eyes that I had to take a photo to preserve the moment and show my kids when I get home. 

Got into our room and saw how spacious it was. Love the height of the bed - no struggle in getting up or down at all. The headboard area is tiled and socket beside it, so I assumed this is where you can put in your gadgets while charging or where you put in your drink while watching tv. It felt really convenient. There's also so much room for luggage underneath the bed too and if you have a lot of stuff with you - their room is generously provided with shelves, they have a rod with hangers for clothes you need to hang, and a pretty curtain to cover it. 

Another thing I like about the room is the generous electrical sockets. I had to point it out because it is really useful for me or for travelers or digital nomads. We were staying in the standard room and it has 2 sockets near the bed and another 2 across the bed. So, if you're a traveler and all your gadgets' juice has been drained out from the previous location - you don't need to get that extension cord out or worry about what gadget to charge first.

Please excuse some of my starting photos 😅 I had a busy and stressful work and family week but as I spent more time here, I got more relaxed and you will see much better photos that will do this beautiful place justice later in this post. 

As I settled in, I went straight to the bed to feel it. Loved the soft sheets, there were 2 sets of pillows - firm and soft kind each. My relaxed level got upped even more I didn't want to get up yet but had to because we had dinner plans. So I got up, took a warm shower, and prepared for the dinner date.

1001 Nights Boutique Inn doesn't have a restaurant or kitchen crew to cook for you so there's no room service. But it's all good, they are situated very near everything! Cagayan de Oro Town Center, which is just about 1-2 minutes walk away, has 7-Eleven, Spas, Salons, SuperstartKTV Club, Skybar, and Yakimix. One of our favorite restaurants - FatChef Restaurant is also just 3 minutes walk away! Ayala Centrio Mall is around 7-minutes walk away or 3-minutes motorela ride if it's not traffic. But if you are tight in budget and opt to explore the city and eat at local eateries, there's also one just beside the entrance. 

But last Friday, we went back to the restaurant where we first dated - Macey's. We booked a car to pick us up, it was just a 5-minute wait, and off we went to one of my favorite places. He knows I love it there ever since and they just reopened last month! I was so happy and excited to be back. Macey's front is like a small convenience store but when you go in further - there's a garden restaurant ambiance inside. Like the hotel, the place has been well thought out and decorated and their themes change too. I'll write about this in another post because this is getting longer than expected. 😂😇

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and the security guard welcomed us. He asked if we needed to be checked in, so I told him we already had a room booked and he said it wasn't turned over to him. Yikes. 😅 So, I asked the boyfriend to show him the receipt and eventually we were back to our room. I didn't take photos that night because I had wine and I didn't like the outcome. 😆 

1001 Nights Boutique Inn - room

We definitely had a good night's rest with no loud city noises whatsoever. I woke up really early and the table provided was perfect for quick work to be done. The internet was not that good but their area is mostly open air so 5G signal can be picked up. 

As soon as boyfie was up, we headed down to the common area/pantry for the light breakfast. There were no people to serve you but the guard told me kindly where it was and I said thank you. Here in 1001, you take care of yourself. This felt like a whole new experience for me compared to the other hotels we've stayed in but it was a really fun experience for me! It felt like I traveled and grew up a bit while staying there - I can't really explain this. 😆😂 I also got reminded about the articles I wrote for my digital nomad client about his experiences in other countries, and his stays in hostels, hotels, and inns. Anyway, in the pantry was CDO's Kathryn's Bakeshop Ensaymada and Ube Cheese Pandesal, brewed coffee, 3-in-1 coffee, and hot and cold water. 

After eating, I spent a lot of time exploring the place and took a couple of photos to share. I love the foliage everywhere, the breeze, and the sound of the water flowing. Such a pretty place. Perfect, I think, for travelers and digital nomads. 

And yes, the common area and pantry have lots of electrical sockets too! 😆😂 I can't stress this enough because this is very useful for me or for you if you have a meeting or a presentation with your team and you all plan on staying here. But I hope sometime soon, they'd open a small cafe inside or even outside and they'd serve light snacks for outsiders because I would love to just visit and work here. That would also be really nice, don't you think? I hope you enjoyed the long read and some of the photos. More photos will be posted on my FB page - follow us at CDO Vibes

This is 1001 Nights Boutique Inn's website https://1001nightsboutiqueinn.com/ or message them in their FB and IG

If you ask - would I come back? Yes, most definitely. I loved the quick escape from CDO in CDO. 😂😁

Let me know your thoughts about this post in the comments section.

1001 Nights Boutique Inn Facade

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