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Reducing Hospital Costs: My Experience with Philhealth and Pacific Cross Coverage

Last week, I discovered my son on the floor in a fetal position, gripping his stomach in pain. He was crying, becoming pale, and telling me that he couldn't feel his arms or face. As soon as I saw him, I quickly took him to the nearest emergency room and showed them my son's health card but they were full and they informed us that they can only take care of us inside the ER. Nevertheless, they took care of us, I filled out the necessary forms while they helped my son manage the pain and discharged us when he wasn't in so much pain anymore so we could head to the next nearest hospital available. We then moved to another hospital's ER and got finally admitted 9 hours later, due to the hospitals in the city being fully booked and understaffed. 

As a single mother, the thought of hospital bills and expenses weighed heavily on my mind. However, my worries were soon put to rest when I remembered that I had both Philhealth and Pacific Cross health insurance.

Philhealth is a government-funded program that provides health insurance coverage to all citizens of the Philippines, while Pacific Cross is a private insurance company that offers a range of health insurance options for individuals and families.

Availing the benefits of both Philhealth and Pacific Cross in the hospital was simple and hassle-free. The process was quick and easy, and the hospital staff were more than willing to assist me in filling out the necessary forms and pointing me to the right direction. With both Philhealth and Pacific Cross, I was able to avail of a wide range of medical services for my son, including ER care, in-patient care, laboratory exams, doctors fees, and accomodation.

One of the greatest benefits of having both Philhealth and Pacific Cross was the significant reduction in hospital expenses. With their coverage, I was able to save thousands of pesos on medical bills and treatment. This was a huge relief, as it allowed me to focus on my son's recovery without worrying about the financial burden.

It's important to note that it is important to make sure the hospital and the doctors are accredited by Philhealth and Pacific Cross, and that the room accommodation matches that of the plan. It is advisable to double-check this information before going to the hospital. This will ensure that you will be able to fully avail of the benefits of your insurance and that the expenses will be fully covered. This also gave me peace of mind knowing that my son was receiving quality care from qualified professionals and that I felt supported with the knowledge that I will have help with finances later on. 

In conclusion, having both Philhealth and Pacific Cross made my experience at the hospital less stressful. The process of availing their benefits was quick and easy, and their coverage significantly reduced my hospital expenses. I highly recommend having both Philhealth and Pacific Cross to anyone who wants to ensure they have access to quality medical care without the worry of high costs. 

During my son's 2-day hospital stay, our bill reached almost ₱19,000. However, with the help of Philhealth and Pacific Cross, I was able to reduce my expenses to just over ₱7,000, which mainly covered only the excess room rate and surgeon fee. The rest of the medical expenses were fully covered. This experience has taught me the importance of having health insurance, and I highly recommend it to others. Even if you're not able to get personal health insurance yet, having Philhealth can already provide a great deal of financial relief during unexpected medical emergencies.

Just to be clear, this isn't paid post. I'm writing from my personal experience and point of view and thought it's important to share to everyone who doesn't know about this yet.

Philhealth has a Northen Mindanao page that's responsive to inquiries. Here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/philhealthnorthminregion or email them at philhealth10pau@gmail.com

For those who wants to know, I got the Pacific Cross Select Plus plan which includes my kids coverage. They have a local office here too. If you need a contact there - message this account: https://www.facebook.com/mariannerhoie She's my cousin and the one who assisted me in this first emergency experience under her company.

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